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WE DID IT!! Thank you!!!

I had a vision driving back home on that very same interstate at 5am in the morning. I NEED to see Spencer’s FACE every single day and I NEED to keep his name and spirit alive. How do I do that?

With a billboard!

Afterall, Spencer always said, “go big or go home!”

The first sign to go up was Spencer's senior photo at Danny Duncan's Ice Cream Shop on Dearborn Street. It is still up to this day. I remember getting a text that it was up and I cried all the way there. I can't tell you how many times I've sat in the parking lot staring at it! It has a spotlight on it and Spencer shines bright every day!

About the same time, my village (Dana, Amber, Brian, Celeste & Katrina) came through for me and got a billboard secured, artwork, and the month of January all donated! Again, I cried as I was overwhelmed with such love from so many people. The first night Spencer's billboard was up, we sat there in my car for hours. We left quickly to grab dinner and brought it back and sat to have dinner at the sign with Spencer. We talked, we cried, and we shared a moment. We visit his sign all the time, it brings us much joy.

Shortly after, I was contacted by another wonderful family. The Dignam's offered their Billboard for us to use temporarily. I jumped on this opportunity as the location is prime in Englewood! Spencer spent a lot of days at the beach and loved hanging out there. This particular sign is located right at the end of Manasota Beach Road. If you are a local, or even a visitor coming from the beach, it's probably safe to say you've seen my SPENCER! I am so grateful that so many people are learning about Spencer and learning about the legacy he left behind.

They say, “An Angel Mother’s job is to keep her child's memory alive.” It was my ultimate goal to keep the one billboard up for a year or as long as I possibly could! While Spencer’s job here on earth may have been done, I still believe he can continue to spread his sparkle and remind everyone to be true and authentic to themselves.

I was encouraged to make a GofundMe page as so many people near and far wanted to help. It is not an easy thing for me to ask for assistance, but if this is what I have to do to keep Spencer's memorial billboard up, I will. I'll do anything.

I am incredibly touched by the kindness we have been shown and the love that not only we feel, but the love for Spencer as well. Between my amazing community, awesome friends, generous donations and an incredible group of Momma's that have my back ... THE BILLBOARD WILL STAY UP FOR A ENTIRE YEAR!

We have raised enough money to keep Spencer's Memorial Billboard up until January 2022!!! We are truly grateful for your love, support and kindness!

If you are in the area and find yourself interested in seeing any of the signs, below are the addresses. Please note, the other two signs are temporary, but I should have a good idea when they will come down so I can make the change here.

Spencer's Senior Photo: (Temporary)

505 W Dearborn St.

Englewood, FL 34223

Spencer's Memorial Billboard: Be true to you!

Located near Overbrook Gardens. Best way is to pull into Overbrook Gardens, take a right onto Forked Creek Drive, when Forked Creek Drive runs into Keyway Road, make a right into the open field.

Spencer's Sparkle Billboard: Leave a little Sparkle!(Temporary)

Key Agency

1201 S. McCall Rd.

Englewood, FL 34223

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1 Comment

Bill Simon
Bill Simon
Jul 17, 2021

It hurts my heart that this beautiful soul was taken from This earth so soon. God must have a plan for Spencer. Let’s keep his vivid memory alive!

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