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Happiness Inside :)

Many of you attended Spencer’s Celebration of Life or watched it online, and for that we are so thankful. You all got to hear first hand how strong Spencer’s faith was and how many people he impacted through Jesus. Spencer was always reaching out and inviting others, serving where he could and even through quarantine, Spencer would make it a point to go on the lanai and attend his Youth Group virtually!

Every Sunday, CoastLife Church plays this countdown video prior to their service starting. Spencer is in this video three times, and each time, his smile and his energy are just BURSTING with JOY! We wanted to share with all of you when Spencer was in his element.

We absolutely love this video and are so grateful to have it.





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Jun 10, 2021

WOW ! ! ! This entire site was such an emotional roller coaster. I’m sorry for the tragedy that any/all of you have suffered; however, there’s a part of me that feels joy, as I have seen the SPENCER’s SPARKLE poster and wondered who he is ... why the billboard ? ? ? I’ve been visiting Englewood since I was 3, and the road that splits to manasota key, I’ve never, in the past 48 years ever remembered seeing anything there other than the LEMON BAY REALITY (I believe that’s what it was called). I fish at the JOHN ADAMS bridge sometimes daily, and as I sit at the light, I stare at this billboard that somehow always se…

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