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His Last Weekend On Earth

One positive we’ve been able to pull from losing Spencer is how enjoyable his last weekend here on earth was. We as a family were celebrating a late thanksgiving on Saturday, November 28th. We all wore matching t-shirts that had food names on them. Spencer, of course, had to be the turkey! He was always the star of the show! We made a tik tok with the whole fam, had a feast, played games and overall had a great time as a bunch. We took a lot of photos that day, and we couldn’t be more grateful that we did! When our family of 5 got back home that night, we put up some more Christmas lights at the house. Spencer was present and talkative and we all enjoyed our time with this, as well! He went to Emmas house late that night. He always made time for his best friends, even when he was only home for a few days. He would rather visit than sleep! Sunday morning, Spencer has plans to attend church with one of his best friends Kayla. She got to the house, and Spencer was still sleeping from being up late of course. He woke up frazzled and got ready quickly, very concerned with how his outfit looked. He paired khaki pants with a black long sleeve turtle neck, and he looked great, per usual! He hugged everyone goodbye before church and was on his way. He attended the services as he always did when he could. Spencer and Kayla had a photo shoot after church, and had a goofy good time together. While he was still in town, he wanted to go visit his old manager and coworkers at American Eagle. His manager, Jenn, knew he would be stopping in and asked if he could actually clock in to cover a four hour shift. He turned his car around and went back to the house to change his clothes. He worked the shift and got to catch up with some people he hadn’t seen in some time. When he came home, he had thanksgiving leftovers alongside his mommy and daddy, and helped finish some christmas lights all the way up on the roof. He had an early class on Monday mornings, so he headed out Sunday evening. While the rest of that night was the worst day of our lives, the weekend itself was a light to look back on. We all got to have special moments with Spencer, and we are especially thankful it was a great time for him. We miss him dearly but never plan to forget these memories along with the millions of other ones we have collected. We love you Spencer!

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