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Venice Pride Ride: How It Went

We spent last Saturday honoring Spencer. We attended Venice Pride, which looked a little different than the two years that they did this event before (although we did not attend until this year). It was a car parade to stick to Covid-19 guidelines, so our family got together on a sidewalk of the route.

Unfortunately, we were some of the only people there to see it. Regardless of how many people were there, the vibes were immaculate, and it made our hearts warm! While we were waiting, we waved our rainbow flags to cars passing by, and had a lot of supportive responses. When the parade did come through, they were so excited to receive our support from the side line!

They were passionate about this event, and we noticed their number of participants was small. We decided in the moment to join at the back of the parade and spread the spirit and sparkle! We waved our flags from our windows and from the sun roof. It was something so fun to partake in, and we will definitely be involved next year and for years to come after that!

We had the opportunity to meet the people in charge when it was over, and we told them that we were Spencer’s family. They recognized his name in a heartbeat, and this is a newly well-known title of ours that we are more than honored to wear over our names.

Spencer was a face of the LGBTQ+ community, and we intend to carry on his legacy in any way possible. We will definitely be more involved next year, because this was already so fun and can become another way for us to keep spreading his name and his sparkle! 🌈

An article was published by local news as well. You can copy and paste this link to read!

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